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CheerExpo is proud to be selected as the first canadian qualifier for The ONE Cheer & Dance Finals and the ONLY event in Canada offering PAID BIDS! THE ONE is an end of the year championship FOR ALL LEVELS AND DIVISIONS! It is a multi-branded event with teams receiving bids from multiple companies throughout the year. The event is completely independant and is run by a group of independent event producers. You can also choose to use your bid the following season (2019).



Virginia Beach, VA - April 7-8

New Orleans, LA - April 14-15

Chicago, IL - April 21-22

Orlando, FL - May 5-6



NEW FOR 2018:

- At CheerExpo this year, bids will be awarded to all FIRST PLACE (Platinum PAID Bid), SECOND PLACE (Silver Bid) and THIRD PLACE (Bronze Bid) TEAMS...not just first place!

- That's right! ALL FIRST PLACE teams will receive a PLATINUM PAID BID! *Note: The ONE only offers true USASF All Star divisions (no Open 4.2, Senior 2.0, Open 3.0, etc) therefore, those divisions will not receive bids.

- One Platinum PAID BID for a Special Needs team!

- One Platinum PAID BID for each Prep Division!

- Winners in School and Rec divisions will need to select the division that most closely matches their team routine/abilities and follow The ONE rules and guidelines for safety and scoring for those divisions.


PLATINUM PAID BID = CheerExpo pays for your entire team's registration for The ONE!


Note: Bids for The ONE in the All Star divisions are only applicable for true USASF All Star Divisions.



Using A Bid for the Next Season Guidelines:

  • Teams must register for The ONE in the same division the following season (i.e. Small Youth Level 2; or Senior Hip Hop, etc)
  • Teams must register and compete at the SAME bid giving event the following season in the same division (i.e. if you win your bid at CheerExpo Nationals (Canada) in March 2018 and opt to use your bid for The ONE in 2019, you must register and compete at CheerExpo Nationals 2019). However, since the team has already earned a bid, they do not have to win a bid again.
  • Teams must accept their bid and pay an aministration fee by November 30th, 2018 in order to compete at The ONE in 2018. For teams who won bids in 2017 - you must accept and pay your deposit by November 30th 2017 to use your bid this upcoming season.
  • Bids earned may only be used once. Teams may not use a bid earned in 2017/2018 season to compete in both the 2018 and 2019 The ONE Finals. 
  • Teams may upgrade their bid if they place higher than they did the previous season (however, the original bid becomes void), OR choose to again use the new bid for the next season.

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